One day in 1992, the Shroud Center received a letter from a gentleman named Mr. John Balbalis, a scientific illustrator for John Wiley and Sons Publishers in New York City. Enclosed in his letter, on yellow-lined notepad paper, was a sketch that he had made of the Man of the Shroud. The drawing was cleverly constructed freehand of radial lines made with a ballpoint pen. Mr. Balbalis offered his services to the Shroud Center as an illustrator for any drawings that we might wish to have made, and said that we could use this particular drawing of the Shroud if we wished to do so.

Approximately two months later, Mr. Balbalis passed away. Although we never met or spoke directly with Mr. Balbalis, we have proudly adopted his drawing as the official Turin Shroud Center of Colorado logo. We believe that John Balbalis' sketch captures the majesty of the image on the Shroud. Although we do not consider the image on the Shroud to be the work of human hands, TSC's logo proudly and reverentially is a cherished copy of the Shroud image so graciously given to us by the late Mr. Balbalis.

The John Balbalis logo is copyrighted by TSC.

John and Rebecca Jackson discuss